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Department of Coffee – Spitalfields

  One of my favourite places in London is the Old Spitalfields Market. It is an excellent place for dawdling, shopping and eating something delicious. It has shops and services of all kinds (clothes, shoes, cosmetics, gifts, restaurants, cafes, etc.). As well as the permanent shops, the market has different exhibitors according to the day of the week. On Thursdays, there is a vintage fair where you can get from

London Coffee Festival 2017

The London Coffee Festival happened between the 6th and 9th of April. And I was there to check what was going on. If I could describe this event in one word, it would be incredible! In London, there is an ever-growing culture of selection, roasting and preparation of our delicious cup of coffee, whether at home or in the small cafes spread all over the town. At the festival we

Love coffee

My story with coffee started early. I lived in a region of Brazil know by coffee cultivation. I like coffee since I was a kid. At home, we had black coffee and bread with butter for breakfast every day.  My grandmother had a coffee tree in the backyard. Whenever there was a harvest, she would dry, blow, roast by herself. The roasted beans were ground right before brewing the coffee. That