Love coffee

My story with coffee started early. I lived in a region of Brazil know by coffee cultivation. I like coffee since I was a kid. At home, we had black coffee and bread with butter for breakfast every day.  My grandmother had a coffee tree in the backyard. Whenever there was a harvest, she would dry, blow, roast by herself. The roasted beans were ground right before brewing the coffee. That

Why I’m learning how to bake sourdough bread

One thing I like more than cooking is challenging myself. And preparing homemade sourdough bread has been a big challenge for me over the last few months. I’ve always loved bread and sourdough is my favourite – to me, it is far richer in texture and flavour. But why? Good quality flours and natural fermentation are the answers. After some research, I realised we eat a lot of fermented food.


Hey, thanks for the visit! This is my attempt to share my passion for food and gastronomy in English. I write about this subject for 7 years, and you can check it out if you understand Portuguese. But if you don’t, hold on: I will be posting Brazilian authentic recipes, cooking tips,  restaurant reviews and sharing my photos weekly. See ya!