London Coffee Festival 2017

The London Coffee Festival happened between the 6th and 9th of April. And I was there to check what was going on. If I could describe this event in one word, it would be incredible!

In London, there is an ever-growing culture of selection, roasting and preparation of our delicious cup of coffee, whether at home or in the small cafes spread all over the town. At the festival we were able to find the most diverse coffee exhibitors: grains of different origins, simple and complex equipment, entrepreneurs working with grain selection, blends and artisanal coffee roast, liqueurs and aromas used to flavour the coffee, vegetable milk developed for baristas. The event organisation was flawless (I was impressed!!!). It took place in a large pavilion, formerly a brewery called Old Truman Brewery, on the famous Brick Lane. It was all gorgeous! The pavilion was divided into regions with a cosy square in the middle of each one.



Some of the event’s highlights:

  • At the arrival, there was a booth dedicated to latte art, where you could watch the beautifully decorated coffee preparation;
    Several boxes where you could taste the coffee, listen a little about the products, receive directions and ask questions (it was a great learning opportunity);
  • There was a competition between professional baristas. We could watch the competition and still understand the rules a bit because the Festival Magazine explained everything (and you can access it online);
  • If you wanted to learn more, you could attend some workshops.
  • Many good quality products with discounts. And many Brazilian coffees. 😀



  • Despite the focus on coffee, there were tea displays (because, yeah, 5 o’clock tea).



It’s fascinating how coffee has been conquering people around the world. Whether it’s the daily dose of spirit, it gives us or even the most exquisite preparations, with control of all the variants for the best experience the grain can provide. The city’s coffee scene is effervescent and tends to become something bigger and better over time. The local market offers coffee not as a product, but as an experience! The London Coffee Festival left this certainty and is already planned for next year. Highly recommended for coffee lovers. At the London Coffee Festival website, you have all the details about the event, with photos, videos and everything else… Well worth visit!

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