Four Corners – Waterloo

I was walking around Waterloo station and quickly did a search for a café. The best-rated coffee shop that appeared on foursquare was Four Corners and it was located just a few feet away. So I decided to go there and see why. The café is on Lower Marsh Street, where commerce is thriving and there are street fairs with food stalls. The entrance is stylish with a sign saying that it has been voted the best café in London.

Upon entering I came across a very casual and relaxed place with travel-themed decor. I could not find information about the owner, but it’s obvious that the person loves traveling, so much so that you are rewarded with a free coffee if you want to share your travel stories from around the world! They even created the Corners Passport to encourage people to tell their stories and go there to plan their next adventures. I was welcomed by the staff and made my order: a cappuccino. I then asked what coffee was used and he promptly replied that it was a Ozone Coffee Roasters’ blend named Empire. To my grateful surprise it was Brazilian coffee, and it was delicious (so much that I almost forgot to take the picture). It tasted well balanced, with notes of chocolate and nuts – the perfect drink for cold days.


Besides cappuccino, they have a coffee menu that includes essencials like espresso, macchiato and affogato, and the coffee prices range from 2 to 3 pounds. For drinking, there are also teas, beers and wines. As for the food, if you are passing by for a cup of coffee or tea, you will find a selection of cakes, croissants and other delights at the counter. If you want a complete meal for breakfast or lunch, you will discover toasts, bread, sandwiches and soups, all prepared daily. To sit, there are tables with two or more seats. The inner space is not too large, and it looks messy (I think it’s part of the funky atmosphere). The soundtrack was remarkable, mostly rock and indie, and had everything to do with the concept. For those who like music, they share their playlists on Spotify. In fact, they are also on Facebook and other social media, always sharing stories.

In my overall review of the Four Corners Café, I believe the good reputation and success of the place is mostly linked to the originality that mixes a welcoming place, excellent service, good coffee, and a passion for traveling around the world.

Four Corners Café
12 Lower Marsh – London

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