L’eto Caffe – Brompton

On weekends my husband and I are always coming up with something to do out. Recently we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to visit an excellent exhibition on the youth revolution of the 60s and 70s, culminating in Woodstock. In the Brompton region, besides Victoria and Albert, we also have the Natural History Museum. Both are a must see! Come to London; you have to go!

Quickly after the visit to the museum, we wanted to have a coffee and cake. I always use my searches on the internet to find interesting places in the neighbourhood. I found L’eto Caffe, which is very well rated on foursquare. We went there and had a pleasant surprise! L’eto is a family-owned chain of cafes present in 6 different parts of London. Arriving at the cafe entrance, you will see the delicious pastries and cakes. It’s mouthwatering!



When you arrive, you must wait for someone to be seat you. Inside the cafe it is quite cosy and bright, with soft chairs and comfortable tables. Even the bathroom is nicely decorated, exquisite and clean. Although the service was a little confusing because the cafe was packed, the attendants were very friendly with us. As we were in the middle of the afternoon, the focus of the moment was the coffee, cakes and pies. However, L’eto has a varied brunch menu, which includes pieces of bread, toast, pancakes, eggs, salads, pasta, baked goods, smoked meats, and soups. It’s a universe of possibilities. The cakes and pies are a chapter apart. It’s even hard to choose! The place is famous for it’s recipes, especially for the pie called Dulce de Leche, which is similar to the renowned tres leches cake (typical of Latin America). I tried it, and I was delighted. It was great! My husband ordered a tiramisu, equally tasty and well done.



For drink, the menu is also vast: green juices, iced teas, smoothies, wines, fresh juices, cocktails, teas and coffees. On the coffee menu, in addition to espresso preparations, they also offer brewed coffees. And at this time of year, lattes are also successful because they are hot and full of flavour. Daniel ordered a delightful Latte with honey and hazelnut. I, as always, went for cappuccino. The coffee had a soft taste, and the cream with it was the consistency that I consider ideal, making the cappuccino slightly creamy.



The experience at L’eto for sure was striking and delightful. When I’m in those surroundings, I’ll be back to try the other delicacies of the menu, done with mastery. And if you go to those museums, schedule yourself to get a coffee and eat a pie at L’eto. I recommend it!

L’eto Caffe
243 Brompton Road, London

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