Ask for Janice – Farringdon

Walking around Barbican these days, I had some free time between appointments, and went for a cup of coffee in the charming Ask for Janice.


In fact, Ask for Janice is a relaxed bar/restaurant, which was named after a Beastie Boy’s song (I loved the inspiration!). The bar speciality is Gin, a traditional distillate here in England. But the menu of the place is quite varied, with options of food and drinks for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and a bar. As I was there in the morning, there were many choices of cakes, stuffed pastries (like sausage rolls), croissants, yoghurt with granola, and toast with butter and jelly, among other things. For drinking, in addition to coffee, they have good teas and natural juices.

The place’s atmosphere is super cool, designed with concrete, wood and metal. Plants and works by contemporary street performers accentuate the bare decor. The soundtrack was quite pleasant, and the sound volume was adequate, allowing us to talk effortlessly. There are tables, sofas and a counter. The service is excellent. Danielle, who appears in the photo, told us some details about the place with the greatest enthusiasm.


As for coffee, I ordered a cappuccino (how couldn’t I?). It came well-decorated, and with chocolate powder on top. It was a delicious and balanced coffee, made from a blend from Coleman Roasters, composed of 40% Brazilian coffee (love it ;D).


Besides the coffee, I also enjoyed a cup of chamomile infusion and spent a good time relaxing and chatting with a friend. Ask for Janice is part of a group called Urban Leisure, which has these laid-back bars all over London. Ask for Janice is located in Farringdon, across from the Smithfield Meat Market, next to the Barbican tube station. It is open all day, Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays, it opens at 10.30 and offers brunch all day.

Ask for Janice
50-52 Long Lane – Farringdon

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