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My story with coffee started early. I lived in a region of Brazil know by coffee cultivation. I like coffee since I was a kid. At home, we had black coffee and bread with butter for breakfast every day.  My grandmother had a coffee tree in the backyard. Whenever there was a harvest, she would dry, blow, roast by herself. The roasted beans were ground right before brewing the coffee.

That aroma of fresh coffee conquered me in such a way that I have the habit of enjoying a good coffee, at least once a week. I like all types of coffee: light, strong, with or without sugar, brewed, espresso or french pressed… But I have my favourite: it is the classic cappuccino.

Fortunately, there are many people share this pleasure of drinking coffee. Before I moved to London, I had the pleasure of meeting and have coffee with two dear friends: Nubia and Thays.  By the way, Thays has a blog on the subject called Cheirinho de Café.

During our coffee mettings occured the idea of me becoming a correspondent of Cheirinho de Café in London.  I found it super challenging since my knowledge about coffee was restricted. On the other hand, it was an opportunity to expand my knowledge and explore the huge number of coffee shops that exists in London. So I’ll bring some of the adventures of a coffee lover occasionally here in the blog and hope you like it!

Curiosity: The classic cappuccino is prepared with one-third of espresso coffee, one-third of vaporized milk and one-third of the foam of the vaporized milk. When a barista vaporizes the milk for cappuccino, it creates a microfoam by introducing small air bubbles into the milk, giving it a velvety, creamy and shiny texture, without however leaving it with bubbles on the surface (removed after steaming, by hitting the dairy on a solid surface). It has become common the baristas create designs and shapes by pouring the vaporized milk in the espresso, a technique known as latte art.

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